Piano Keyboard

Piano Keyboard

Yesterdays job was quite a lot different from the norm in that I could go by train, rather than drive. If I am playing the piano in London, as on this occasion, I usually opt for going by train if at all possible. I had tried to phone the groom previously to try and find out if the venue had a piano that I could use. I’d also left a message, but he hadn’t got back to me. So this meant that I had to take a digital piano with me on the train just in case it was needed. I do this by using a foldable sack trolley and placing the digital piano in a padded case and strapping it, together with a foldable keyboard stand, to the trolley. I have a small amplifier which is quite powerful (150 watt) which fits easily into a small rucksack. This rucksack easily holds this together with essential power supply units, cables, pedals and a small extension lead.

I managed to catch the 9:45am train from Lingfield and I eventually arrived at Lauderdale House in Waterlow Park, Highgate at 11:45am. On arrival the staff were surprised to see me arrive with a digital piano. There was a lovely Steinway grand piano In the room that I was going to be playing in and it was there for my use. I wasn’t going to be playing until 2:30pm, so I asked them if they could put my digital piano somewhere while I went into Highgate for something to eat. While I was in Highgate I just happened to have a chat with a lady who knew someone who had got married at Lauderdale House and she was telling me how expensive it is to hire as a venue. She also told me that they charge by the hour for the venue hire and then charge extra for nearly everything that you need including £5 for each chair that you use. If I had paid £5 for the use of a chair, I would want to take it home afterwards.

I returned at around 2:20pm and there were already a few people gathering in the ceremony room, so I started playing a few tunes. I played for around forty minutes and then the registrar announced the entrance of the bride. This was my cue to start playing “Little Dancer” by Elton John which had been requested by the groom. For the signing I played Elton John’s “Your Song” and “At Last” which were both my choice of music. Then for the recession I played “The Love Cats” by The Cure which is a piece that I have never been asked to play before, apparently it was a particular favourite of the bride’s.  Everyone then left the ceremony and stood outside in the sunshine for the drinks reception. They kept the ceremony room doors open so that I could carry on playing and the music could be easily heard outside. I then played throughout the drinks reception until Holly (the bride), James (the groom) and all the guests went into the room where they were going to have their wedding breakfast .

It was a really lovely wedding and I really enjoyed playing the lovely Steinway grand piano.


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Address: Lauderdale House, Waterlow Park, Highgate Hill, London N6 5HG
Telephone: 020 8348 8716
Email: enquiries@lauderdale.org.uk
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