Baby Grand Paino Shell at Colwick Hall

Baby Grand Paino Shell at Colwick Hall

It had been a long slow drive to Nottinghamshire from Surrey and I was really please to be ahead of schedule with Colwick Hall finally in sight. This was my 3rd visit to this lovely venue and I was looking forward to playing the piano for Natalie and Tom’s wedding.

On this occasion I was just required for the evening reception which makes a nice change from the weddings that I have recently played the piano for. Quite a lot of weddings have a disco in one room and then have me in another. This gives wedding guests a place to go where they can chat comfortably, without having to shout over loud music. This was different; there was no disco or band. The idea was just to have me, with my baby grand piano shell, playing music to fit the mood. The evening changed from being fairly quiet to being noisy with quite a lot of people on the floor dancing. I played quite a bit of Billy Joel, The Monkees and The Beatles which was mostly based of requests that I had from the guests. The evening went really well and the happy couple were please with the way that everything had gone.

After finishing at 11:30pm I had to pack up all my gear and pack it into the car. This usually takes about an hour when I have the baby grand piano shell to dismantle and pack. Luckily my car was parked only a few yards away from where I was set up and this certainly makes things a lot easier. Eventually, I put the last bag in the car and set off to the hotel where I was staying the night. It was only three miles away so it was a real comfort to know that I would be tucked up in bed in about 45 minutes time. Little did I know that I would be sleeping in a room which was only 6.5 feet X 6.5 feet!

Contact Details of Colwick Hall

Address: Colwick Hall, Colwick Park, Racecourse Road, Nottingham, NG2 4BH
Telephone: 01159 500566