All Saint's Church, Kenton, Devon

All Saint’s Church, Kenton, Devon

I woke up at 5:30am and it took a while for me to come to my senses. I very slowly realised that I had work to do and I had to drive around 190 miles to Devon. There was no time for dosing, so I quickly got ready and I was on the road just after 6am. The journey down to Devon via the A303 can be tedious if you set off too late, as experience has taught me. The journey down there was really good, but the M25 was surprisingly busy to say that it was so early.

I eventually arrive in Kenton and their was a car park only a few yards away from All Saints Church. This magnificent church was where I was going to be playing the piano. I walked into the church and saw the piano the I was going to be playing. It looked very old and it had a candle stick holders, which looked as though they had been used recently. The wax had dripped and stuck to the wood on the inside of the piano lid (see photograph above).  I did have two digital pianos in the car, so if the piano was terrible I could easily provide an alternative. The piano didn’t look good, but when I tried it I was pleasantly surprised. It was a really nice instrument, and all of a sudden I was feeling a lot more optimistic about playing for this wedding. With an inner feeling of peace and contentment I went back to the car and had a sleep.

The Old Bechstein Piano

The Old Bechstein Piano

After having a sleep and a walk round Kenton I came back to the church and met Mark the parish priest who was really friendly and amiable. I checked everything through with him so that we both knew that we were on the same page with all the arrangements. I was only required to play for the gathering of the congregation and the entrance of the bride. The resident organist was going to play the hymns and the music for the recession, while the music for the signing of the register was going to be provided by a flautist. The signing of the register can sometimes last quite a while. With this in mind, Faye had asked me to play Debussy’s “Clair De Lune” If there was time after the flute solo. Faye chose the following music for me to play:

Gathering of the Congregation

– Elgar ‘Salut D’Amour

– Strauss ‘Voices of Spring’

– Chopin ‘Waltz in Ab major Opus 69 No 1’

– Bach ‘Air on a G String’

– Brahms ‘Waltz in Ab major’

Bridal Entrance

– Debussy ‘Arabesque No. 1’

Signing of the Register – depending on time

– Debussy ‘Clair de Lune’

I played all Faye’s music choices for the Gathering of the Congregation, but there was still more time to be fill so I played “Evening Primrose” and “Autumn Crocus” by Billy Mayerl. The rest of the ceremony went really well and the flautist was a fantastic musician. After the organist had played the last notes of Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” and all the congregation had gone, I went up to the organist and had a chat. Stanley was his name and he was a really nice bloke who was an absolute music fanatic.

I really enjoyed playing the piano for this wedding, and being able to play some classical music made the experience especially enjoyable for me. All that there was to do now was to set off home. Do you remember how I managed to avoid all the traffic on my way down? Well the journey home was terrible, especially on the A303 where there was a really long traffic jam. There were times when I just didn’t move at all, and drivers were getting out of there cars to try and see what the problem was. During this time I had a score of a Chopin Waltz next to me, which I studied to pass the time. I eventually arrived home, but it had been a boring journey home.

Contact Details of All Saints Church, Kenton

Address: All Saints Church, Church Street, Kenton, Devon EX6 8LU
Parish Priest – The Revd. Mark Lord-Lear